Thursday, October 4, 2007

Proposal for The New American Flag

Excerpts from letters sent to President Bush and Senator Feingold proposing a constitutional amendment to change the American flag:

It is an undeniable aspect of the national reality that we now experience any given phenomenon in terms of before or after September 11, 2001. This new American flag represents our reality more accurately, paying tribute to the heroes that sacrificed, the innocent victims that were lost, and the courage and resolve of the survivors--we, the American people. We also remember how the laws were changed to protect us, yet not without sacrifice to our rights and privileges as citizens. This flag is a representation against the notion that the actions our government has taken since 2001 are not radical.

Certainly the debates on the amendment would be lively, improving the health of our democracy, and inspiring a vital assessment of the direction our country is headed.


Said Kassem Hamideh said...

Thomas Friedman asks whether we get over 9/11:

Richard said...

We as human beings should not be flag worshiping. We have forgotten what this country was founded upon and are now living in a brainwashed society that has turned its back on the founders. We should remember why September 11th happen not just that it occurred. Thank you American Imperialists. The USA died a long time ago anyways.